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Beautiful Horses: Take a look at the 3 of them.

Hello guys, welcome to my blog Hazel Horses. This blog is meant for equestrians and everyone who loves horses just like me. I’d like to share my everyday life with horses in my stable – mostly hazel (chestnut) ones. So if you are interested in seeing some facts and curiosities about my beloved mares, bare with me and chceck for updates. The first few postst will be about mares in my stable. They are not my horses, but I ride them very often and know tem well.

Finesy (Finezja)

She’s a chestnut mare (about 14 years old). She’s very polite and kind, but while riding can be really restless. She can gallop all around, getting excited but at the same point she is very easy to ride if you know what you’re doing. She quit eventing due to her back problems, otherwise she is a very good professor for riders.

Millionaire (Milionerka)

She’s a young (5 years old) chestnut mare that is very electric and attentive while ridind. Due to her low position in herd hierarchy she’s often bitten and not treated too well by other horses but she’s calm and easy with people. If she gets troubled it’s only when she doesn’t understand what rider wants her to do. In short – she is a great horse for experienced riders.

Hazel Brown Horses


She’s my favourite, dark chestnut, 12 years old mare. She was an eventing horse ridden by our olympian, but once he decided he needs a higher jumper he resigned, and got himself a more promising horse. Now Fucona is a great horse for experienced riders that want to learn more and more. She’s an awesome jumper but her dressage experience is excellent.

Brown Horse

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