Rewards for horse
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Rewarding your horse – treats

To me and most of us giving our horses treats is one of the kindest form of love. Every horse likes apples, carrots and other high in vitamins treats. It’s very important to know when to and in what amounts.

The more you give…

Starting with amount of treats it’s important not to overfeed our horse. It can cause colic which is of course one of the worst horse diseases. If you are giving apples, carrots and more vegetables or fruits you shouldn’t exceed 1 kilogram of them all in one day. Remember that horse’s stomach is very sensitive and the wrong diet can be dangerous for them on every level of their body. 

Horse cookies are best after training, when you’re going for your horse on the pasture or every time you feel like you want to give them some nice cookie. The most important thing in giving cookies is what they have inside. You should always check if these treats are recommended for horses and from good shop. The best way to be sure if you can give your cookies to horses is making your own ones from internet recipes or checking the composition of the ones you buy. Of course the simpler the better – with cereals, fruits and vegetables, fluor, natural oils and not really more. Looking at cookies – the good amount of them are “not too much” and “not too often”. They are like candys and sweets for people so good for a little reward but bad if eaten in high quantities.

Unusual vegetables and fruits to give

Apples and carrots are well known in horse world but what else can we give our loved ones? A lot of fruits are good for our horses, for example bananas, watermelons, pineapples, pears, blackberries, raspberries or – in lower amounts, from time to time – peaches, apricots, plums, melons, cherries that are best if you already removed the stone.

Vegetables that you can give your horse are of course carrots and beetroot but also celery, lettuce, and pumpkin

What not to give at any cost

You should not give your horse onions, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage (all varieties), broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale. Most of them causes flatulence and that’s harmful for the digestive tract of our horse. 

Summarizing – horses love sweet fruits that are high in vitamins. The ones with a lot of vitamin C, pectin, magnesium, potassium are the best for our horse. Remember that horses are animals that eat most of the time and if you give them a treat they will just eat it, mostly if it’s a treat, not a normal hay and straw. It’s your job to not overfeed them with sweets, but a little reward after a training is always great for your horse, and the bond between you two.

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